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The world’s biggest sailing website now has a podcast!  The Sailing Anarchy Podcast brings you breaking news, long chats with sailing’s biggest characters, and in-depth analysis of the sport of sail racing. We talk Olympics, ocean racing, kiteboarding, foiling and much more with the best athletes and leaders in the sport. No time limits, no rules, and no preconceptions: Welcome to Anarchy!
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Oct 17, 2016

Urged on by a desire to see the sport of sailing run in an honorable, transparent way, businessman Kim Andersen believes he and his slate of international VPs can help repair sailing’s reputation after a damaging few years on the world stage.  Andersen is currently the chairman of the Olympic Equipment Committee at World Sailing, and he believes the biggest impact he can have on the organization is on the governance process itself.

Get Kim’s take on Olympic and Sailing World Cup controversies over the past few years and find out how he will ensure they don’t happen again.  Find out how the Olympic equipment decisions get made and learn what’s coming up in Tokyo 2020.
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Oct 13, 2016

Spurred on by sailors around the world to help save sailing from itself, the former 10-year president of ISAF has thrown his hat back into the ring to become President of World Sailing during the November election in Barcelona.  

Paul and Clean go deep; from Henderson’s experience at the Munich Olympics to his quest to uncover what’s really been going on at ISAF for the past few years, the man is a natural storyteller and he deftly makes his case for where sailing has gone wrong and where it needs to go for the future.  

To find out more about the election and how you can make your voice heard, head to