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May 28, 2017

You’ve read or heard the rest of the world’s thoughts on the subject, but now’s the time for the best of them; It’s the Sailing Anarchy Podcast 35th America’s Cup Preview and Form Guide!  First, we get Clean’s thoughts on the subjects, before he hooks up with former Luna Rossa helmsman, Olympic Nacra sailor, and double Moth World Champion Bora Gulari for his analysis and picks.  Who’s quickest, who’s sneakiest, whose foils look the best, and whether ETNZ needs to worry about being sunk by one of the ‘Framework Five.”
Then we hook up with Match Race World Champ, US-One crew (WMRT, M32, GC32) and former BMW Oracle crew Hayden Goodrick for a more culture-based look at the teams; who is most likely to melt down, what are the unexpected obstacles they’ll face, who has the best team culture for adapting and winning, and what secret weapons are we likely to see.  

You only need one source to show the world you know everything about the 35th America’s Cup: This podcast!

May 23, 2017

On the 21st episode of the Sailing Anarchy Podcast, we go straight to the source for an analysis of the new direction announced last week by the Volvo Ocean Race.  First, Clean updates us on the Podcast's status, tells us his story of hunting and killing a 300 pound alligator in Charleston, and gives us his view on the new Volvo plans.  Then VOR big boss Mark Turner explains the reasons for their decision to use foiling monohulls for the offshore legs and foiling multihulls for the inshore legs of the two or three races following the next one.  Listen for Turner's views on what other options they considered, what the new 60 footer will look like and how it is expected to perform, how the new lease model will effect the organization, and why teams have had such difficulty finding major sponsors.  The discussion moves to the timetable for full flying boats to take over the race and safety considerations between mono and multihulls, and finally what kind of events would make up the more permanent annual racing schedule for VOR teams.

Next we spoke to Nick Bice, Director of Operations and founder of the Boatyard, about more technical matters: How, exactly, a new-rules VO60 can be converted to an IMOCA-legal Open 60, what kinds of differences does a Volvo require compared to a singlehanded boat, and a whole lot on foil control systems and logistics for a two-fleet race owned entirely by Volvo.  Clean and Bicey got deep into the subject of the continually shrinking crew component and the impact of this shrinking pool to ocean racing and the sport in general, and plenty more.

Finally, we spoke to pro trimmer and former VO70 crew (ABN AMRO2, 2005) and medical officer George Peet on the anniversary of his crewmate Hans Horrovets' death about a race that remains very close to his heart.  GP and Clean got deeper into crewing issues with a general discussion of the state of professional offshore racing as well as the usual pull-no-punches analysis of the new classes with a guy who always tells the truth.  As a bonus, we got Bear - one of the nation's top Moth racers - to give us his America's Cup picks...